Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Things I love

There are a lot of thinks I like, but only a few that I love:
  1. High heels - even if I am very tall (1.76 m), I love wearing high heels. More than 70% of my shoes have high heels and I wear each one of them with big pleasure.

2. Sunglasses - they make me feel so good when I wear them, that I would do it all the time. They have such a power over me, it's like I feel prettier when I wear them. I have many pairs of sunglasses and I will buy many more, because I just adore them.

3. Dresses - nothing makes me feel more feminine than a dress. I love especially the short ones and if I have also a pair of high heels, than the image is perfect. Nowadays, women do not wear dresses anymore and I do not understand why should we prefer trousers, when we could look better in a dress. It's our sign as women, so I provoke all of you to wear dresses more often than trousers. I know is hard at the beginning, but in time you will get used with them and you will not want to wear anything else but dresses and skirts. Wouldn't you feel like a princess in the red dress below?

4. Starbucks - what can I say: i have an addiction for Starbucks. I love their coffee and hot chocolate and cakes and everything. When I have some spear time, I buy a fashion magazine, I go to the nearest Starbucks boutique and I stay there with my a cup of coffee and it is lovely. It is one of my favorite type of relaxation. It's a glam place and also gives me energy to go on. Everybody knows my obsession with Starbucks and when they want to make me feel better, they invite me there for a cup of coffee.


  1. i totally agree on the sunglasses part ^_^

  2. Heel and glasses, thats what turns a woman into a wamp :)


  3. i absolutely love your list of things you love, especially the part about dresses. i see so many women choosing to NOT wear them and i don't understand. i totally agree with you about dresses bringing out the femininity in women! so good for you! :)