Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A lady's bag

In week-end i was walking on Victoria Blvd and I saw at Furla store very beautiful transparent purses. They were very colorful and nice.
With these bags, everybody would see what you carry with you.
I usually wear big bags in order to have enough space for everything I want. You never know what you could need.
I decided to show you what I carry around with me in my bag. It is not a secret anymore.

My Polaroid sunglasses are always there for me, even on rainy days. The sun could anytime appear :)
Unfortunately I have to use 2 phones: LG Prada 3.0 is my personal phone and Blackberry is my working phone (I can say that is a perfect office phone).
Anyway, i try to keep my bag very organized, because i change it every day and is easier when your things are in order.


  1. I would be too embarrassed to have a transparent bag, my bags look like a rubbish tip inside! haha. xx

    1. haha, i think it would be interesting. I am thinking of buying one :P
      I still do not know what color.

  2. Organization is key, I love that black bag! I've actually been thinking about making a transparent bag. I could make one for you if you'd like!

    Much love!