Monday, April 1, 2013

Prague in March I

I am sorry for my long absence of the blog. I was very busy at the office and in the evening when I got home, I was very tired.
I also went in Prague for a few days to relax a little, because only work without a break, it is not a good thing.

Below I posted some photos from my trip. I will come back the next days with more photos.
As you can see, I was very dressed, because it was cold and I do not like cold weather at all. I had moments when I almost cover my whole face in order to avoid the cold wind. My outfits, were not very fashion, my only concern was to feel warm :)

In Wenceslas Square

A very cute Cafe in the center of Prague. 

All the streets are small and clean and it is a pleasure to take a walk there. 

The Carol Bridge.

Prague, seen from the Old Castle. 

The St. Vitus Cathedral. 

Very nice soldiers in their uniforms.

Michal Jackson of Prague :D

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