Monday, March 4, 2013

Spring resolution

Finally the spring came and I am sooo happy. I had enough of snow, cold weather and clouds.
Now the sun is up all day, the temperatures are higher, the clothes thinner.
In order to welcome the Spring properly, I decided to lose some weight, work harder at the gym and to enjoy every moment of my life.
I want to cut the carbs as much as possible and use the treadmill every day. My menu will include more veggies and less meat, more raw food and less cooked food. I mean, what is the point of eating something with a lot of calories, when you can eat a fresh and healthy salad?

This winter I gained a lot of pounds, I did not pay attention of what I ate and at what hour and the result was horrible. But, I will change this, I want to look good in all the small dresses and shorts.
Let's see what I will manage to do. Who's with me?

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